i live in Central Arkansas with my husband, Josh, and my girls, Scotty & Nora. we also have 3 pups that we love very much.

we love all things family, outdoors, Jupiter Florida, sports, chickens (all animals in general tbh), & dancing to Here Comes The Sun with our girls.

i love this job, but my family is first. always will be. so no matter what, they will always be priority.

i have always loved snapping photos, but decided I'd try it "for real" about 6 years ago. at that point, i was in college, then i had a teaching job, then i had babies and decided, hey, lets go all in with these babies & this camera and made it a business and not just a hobby! that was almost 3 years ago now. i love meeting new faces and getting to know you all while snapping the real, raw, genuine moments. a staged photo is great, we take a few of those, but the ones I like the most are the ones you don't even know i'm taking. the gritty, grainy, goodness. if that isn't you, that's cool, too, but i may not be your girl.

photos below by LA FREE FILM, Peyton Guenrich Photography, & some by yours truly